How to reach us

Getting to Brussels

 Brussels can be reached in a number of ways : by car, by plane or by train. The Etterbeek Railway station is nearby the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and there are regulary connections with the North-station. A decent roadmap of Belgium or recent timetables should help you to get to the capital of Belgium. Once you're there, you need to find the Etterbeek campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

 Find campus Etterbeek of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

 When you go to Brussels by car, you are likely to pass somewhere near the Ring Highway. From there on, there are two possibilities:

1. Highway E40 - Luik/Liege. Take the Montgomery exit at the end and follow the broad boulevards through the tunnels (under Montgomery Square) until the Boulevard General Jacques (about 2 km). After you have passed the tram stop Hansen-Soulie, cross the tramway tracks on your left and follow straight. Turn left at the second lights into the Triomflaan. You can enter the campus through the third entry, ENTRY 6.

2. Highway E411 - Namur. Follow the viaduct at the end of the highway, arriving at the DELTA Bus Depot. Turn right at the traffic lights and follow the Triomflaan until ENTRY 6. Turn left over the central division into the campus. Watch out for other traffic!

If you arrive from somewhere near, maybe you don't need to take the Ring. Other possible ways of getting here by secondary roads are shown on the next map.


 Locate IMDO

 We are located on the 7th (visiting address) and 4th floor of Building G at the campus Etterbeek - Oefenplein of the VUB, as can be seen from the map below.

Due to construction works on the campus, building G can only be reached from the Pleinlaan, ENTRY 13. Take the elevator at entrance (Rotule) 6 to the 7th floor. You will find a secured door, ring in order to get access to IMDO-group.

Another possibility is coming from the Pleinlaan where you can take ENTRY 13 and follow until you reach the last building where you enter Rotule 6. If you come from the Etterbeek Railway Station you will enter the campus from ENTRY 11 and just have to follow the directions to Building G.